OLR says: "More tickets ONLY mean more chances of winning, NOT better odds. Odds CANNOT change." LottoMAX for example; the odds of winning are 1 in 99,884,400, now that they've increased the pool from 49 to 50 numbers, you get 3 chances to win. Every ticket stands on its own.
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odds of winning a lottery with 50 numbers and a draw of 7 numbers
Odds of winning a lotter with 45 numbers and a draw of 6 of those numbers.
odds of winning a 6 number draw of a lottery with 49 numbers.
encore, odds of over 1 billion of winning the top prize.

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We no longer offer lottery number results. We do offer information about the four most popular Ontario Lotteries along with number pickers from the "Info & Picker" Link and a list of Ontario Casinos and Bingo Parlours. This is not an official site but we believe some things here are more accurate, like the odds for LottoMAX.